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According to information gathered by Amnesty International Leyla Mafi, from Arak, Iran, had been prostituted by her mother starting from the age of 8. had a developmental delay (at the age of 19 she was assessed to have a mental age of 8 years old).Among the men who paid to rape the disabled child were several male relatives.After the incident, the family immigrated to Vladivostok, taking the girl's grandfather with them.An unidentified 8-year-old girl in Kashmir reportedly died in labor along with her child.The girl's mother, a destitute widow, said she had been forced to accept an offer of marriage for her daughter.An unidentified girl's pregnancy was revealed by a policeman who became suspicious in early September 2004 when he noticed the girl's swollen abdomen and thought she was a drug smuggler.In La Esperanza, the daughter of Andrés Gabriel Gabriel and María Valentina Lorenzo became pregnant at age 9.Her father began sexually abusing her when she was 6.

Lawyer Shadi Sadr intervened on her behalf, and her sentence was reduced to public beating and imprisonment. M was sent to a rehabilitation center and eventually came to reside in an apartment with a caretaker.After the girl had X-rays done, the officer told her mother that the girl was pregnant; the hospital confirmed she was at her 32nd week of pregnancy.The girl revealed that when she had gone to a pharmacy in Ciudad Bolívar, to fetch her sick mother's medicine, an employee there raped her. Henry Dodd of Rillington, Yorkshire reportedly delivered a baby weighing 7 lb (3.2 kg) to a nine-year-old girl in 1881.The baby was stated to have only three toes on its left foot and to have died of convulsions some time after birth.The girl reportedly began menstruating at twelve months old.

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